Doors close TODAY Sept 23rd @ 7pm EST! 
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A virtual co-working space for Christian entrepreneurs & creatives. 
You are a smart, creative, self-aware visionary and committed believer in Christ.

You’re also...a little frustrated with yourself for procrastinating on the meaningful work necessary to move your life & business forward.

And it’s not because you’re lazy or unmotivated; it’s because life gets hard sometimes, imposter syndrome is a heaux & you lack the right focus & accountability you need to actually get the work done.

Faithful Founder™ helps with that.

Faithful Founder™ is the support system you need to get your work done.
And not just business work, but life work too. Imagine if you had focused time daily to finally:

  • Produce that content you’ve been procrastinating on
  • Get quiet & talk to God
  • Reorganize your living space
  • Call that family member or friend
  • Plan or prep your meals for the week
  • Review your budget & spending
  • Journal through those recurring feelings

Without a bunch of noise & distractions.

Faithful Founder™ helps you get work done in key areas of your life so you can feel less guilty & more consistent in accomplishing your goals.

Faithful Founder™ is the support system you need to get your work done.
And not just business work, but life work too. Imagine if you had focused time to finally:

  • Produce that content you’ve been procrastinating on
  • Get quiet & talk to God
  • Reorganize your living space
  • Call that family member or friend
  • Plan or prep your meals for the week
  • Review your budget & spending
  • Journal through those recurring feelings

Free from noise & distractions.

Faithful Founder™ helps you get work done in key areas of your life so you can feel less guilty & more consistent in accomplishing your goals.

Get back on track after life's big changes.
Whenever the good and bad moments of life happen, like:
  • Someone close to you dying
  • A tough breakup or divorce
  • An unexpected opportunity
  • Having a baby
  • God telling you no or changing your plans
  • Getting married
  • Or a whole global pandemic

Imagine if you had a community and structure you could always come back to to help you get back up on the horse. Now you no longer have to reinvent the wheel every time life starts life’ing.

Faithful Founder™ provides a year-round support system that makes it easy for you to jump back in & get refocused.

I got SO much done today. It really helped shift my mindset and be really locked in. It was such a productive time. Being able to start with prayer too!? Like, this is the space I needed!

Shakira Hunt, Black Girl Flourish
I got a crock pot dinner done, then the last half I finally got an IG post done too so I’m getting it posted soon!

Sasha LeDawn, Build it Brave
I came to write out my first podcast episode of 2022. I already had my podcast episode topic, I just really needed this focused time to just get it done. And I did!

Ebony James, The Empire Effect Agency
Your Faithful Founder™ membership includes:
✅ Daily Coworking Sessions

✅ Faithful Focus™ Productivity Course

✅ Quarterly Review & Planning Retreats

✅ Accountability Partner Matchmaking
What you get:
Daily co-working sessions that help you get into the flow and execute.

Select your virtual session, show up & get work done. Using a modified Pomodoro method, every session is led by a Christian coach who sets the tone with prayer & guidance to help you get focused. 
Faithful Focus™, our 2-Week Productivity Mini Course, helps you decide what to work on now in partnership with God.

Take our foundation mini course designed to help you create laser-focus on your most meaningful goals, in partnership with God. Whenever you've been procrastinating, feeling scattered or like you're just not sure what to work on NOW vs NEXT vs LATER, this will fix that.
Quarterly Review & Planning Retreats

Enjoy a quarterly mastermind retreat with all your business besties where you leave with new friends, a ton of work done + focus & clarity on what’s most important for the upcoming quarter. All review & planning materials provided.
Comprehensive Accountability System
Get matched with a likeminded accountability partner or small group & get trained on how to build an effective accountability system that helps you follow through on the intentions you set for yourself.
Founder Experience
Faithful Founder has been an important part of my support system. Recently going through major life challenges and transitions FF has been there for me. I have connected with some of the most amazing women who started out as accountability partners but are now women I call friends.

Minister Jalisa Hardy, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
After completing the Faithful Focus, I feel at ease and at peace about the direction I am going for the quarter and the next few years. It helped me settle you down to really think about what I want , desire and need. It pushed me away from doing work in a frenzy and helped me ease into rest and productivity.

AdeOla Fadumiye, Chris & Tiana
This retreat was such a breath of fresh air. It was lovely seeing you all and I walked away with 2 accountability partners. So there's no "not getting it done" this quarter! I blocked off my calendar based on my goals and I cannot tell you how much I feel like I've already won!

Chantel Nicholes, PhD, Nerd Startup Incubator
We Offer a Christian Approach to Planning & Business Building
In addition to praying before all of our live sessions, our training materials & planning process are infused with our signature Give God Room™ method to help you move with confidence that your plans align with God’s will.

The Give God Room™ Method looks like this:
Our founder, her friends & clients have shared how much implementing this method has helped them stop second-guessing themselves and make moves with so much more confidence that they have God’s stamp of approval on their plans.
After hearing Marlena mention that she prays a full week before making big decisions, I decided to pray for a week about my 2021 plans and wait for God to show me what He wanted me to do. I went into that week thinking I was going to gain clarity on a few goals but what I came out with was some goals plus MORE!

Alisha Robertson
Give God Room really built this discipline in me to say, "Lord is this what you want?", and then because I wait and hear from Him and then adjust, now there’s been no doubt in what I built. So it builds my confidence and now I’m not just running around, I’ve done the work, I’ve consulted with the Lord. My confidence has totally shifted.

Mekdes Haddis
I’m so thankful for this process because now, instead of spinning on an idea forever, I’m now putting it in front of God and moving on to something else completely.  I used to waste so much time spinning on ideas and then they’d change the next week. I believe this has been the solution to that and I’m so grateful!

Marlena Banks
NOTE: Because Faithful Founder™ is a new community, these testimonies are from Marlena herself as well as one of her friends & a former coaching client who implemented the Give God Room™ method; not from members of Faithful Founder™ . We’re excited for the specific testimonies to roll in from our new Faithful Founder™ members!
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Christian without the bs.
No new-agey stuff.

No soap boxes or judgement, just systems & support.

Support for all of you, not just your faith or business.

You deserve a space that understands & celebrates the nuances of being a Christian business owner (without taking advantage of you).

We’re not perfect, but vigilant integrity & keeping you safe are a part of our core values.

How it works:
  1. Quarterly Planning Retreats give you all the structure & support you need to clarify your focus & set smart goals for the upcoming quarter. 
  2. Structured Accountability Groups help you stay on track with your progress & celebrate your wins weekly. 
  3. Daily Co-working Sessions give you the space & focus you need to consistently knock necessary tasks off your list all year round.
  4. Faithful Focus™ Productivity Course helps you get focused so that you know exactly what to be working on each day to achieve your most meaningful short & longterm goals.
Other communities only give you more to do while Faithful Founder™ gives you the power to do.

You don’t need another social network pumping out more content for you to consume. You need a like-minded, year-round support system to help you get more work done. 
My task today was to start on my book glossary. I had been neglecting it cuz it’s not as fun as writing the book, but I’ve gotten halfway through it and identified the words that need to go into it. At least I started the task and I’m really glad I had this time to do it cuz I kept putting it off and finding other things to do so I needed this.

Vanetta Morrison, The Blueprint Way
This hour and half gave me a chance to just sit and have some quiet time and Bible study. I’m going to keep going after this but I really needed this time and that prayer at the beginning was needed too.

Kenyatta Manley, Improved Design
I had 3 things on my list and got them all done. I can get so scatterbrained because of overwhelm but now I'm feeling good about moving into February prioritizing what I need to get done. Definitely plan to make these sessions part of my weekly routine.

Tiffiney Poole, Healthy Habits Coach
Use Faithful Founder™ to get work done in 8 core areas of your life:
Your relationship with God, exercising your faith & understanding your spiritual authority.
Your personal joy & whatever fills it up including rest, hobbies, play, etc.

Your relationship with your spouse or significant other & the intention & work required to sustain it.

Your business, creative work, calling or career, growing your savvy & how to represent God dopely with it.

Your relationship with your family, friends, peers, community & the Body of Christ.
Your mental & physical health including therapy, exercise, nutrition, self-care & wellness.
Your personal & business finances, abundance & growing your wealth, financial literacy.
Personal Growth
Your mindset, discipline, habits & all the work required to help you become the best version of yourself.
We know that some seasons require focus in other areas of your life outside of your business. Use this space to get the work done that’s most important to you right now.
How to get started:
  1. Sign up for your membership. Think of it like a virtual coworking space with all the amenities you need to get work done in the key areas of your life & business.
  2. RSVP to your sessions. Pick the sessions that work best with your schedule. Attend as many or as few as you want. You’ll get reminders for when they start and guidance to help you prep and make the most out of your session.
  3. Show up & Execute. We’ll lead you into the undistracted, focused head space you need for getting more done so you can get back to enjoying your best most abundant life.
  • Is there a contract? No, it’s a subscription you can cancel anytime. 
  • When are the co-working sessions? Monday through Wednesday from 12-1:30pm EST, 3-4:30pm EST & 5-6:30pm EST. Thursday 5-6:30pm EST. The 7-8:30pm EST session is (COMING SOON!) More session times will be added as our membership grows. NOTE: Live sessions are closed during most major holidays but the space and access to our digital resources remains available year-round.
  • How are your co-working sessions structured? They’re 90-minute, silent co-working sessions held live on Zoom. You have a dedicated host who guides the session helping you get focused and be productive.
  • What can I use a co-working session for? Whatever work you need to use it for! We encourage you to use these as a tool for knocking out any tasks associated with whatever you’ve got going on in your life or business. 
  • Can I purchase individual co-working or planning sessions? Not at this time.  We believe strongly that you will benefit most from investing in our complete system for best results.
  • How much does it cost? Just $40/mo or $400/yr.
  • Do I have to be Christian to join? Yes. This community is intended to be a safe space for dope Christian people and we need to protect that. If you are bothered or uncomfortable in any way with prayers being prayed before sessions, ongoing conversations about how good God is and how active He is in our lives & businesses or have any type of animosity towards Christian people or our beliefs, save yourself the time & money because this is not the community for you.
  • Are men allowed in this space? Absolutely. This space was founded by a black Christian woman so there’s a lot of us in here (and it’s amazing!). That said this space is more about Kingdom than gender or color so if the support you can receive here is vibing with you, come on in. 
  • Are my racist or hate-filled views welcome here? No. No matter what color you are or party you belong to, degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, political parties, gender or identity will not be tolerated. It’s all love up in here, always!
Doing this alone is what's keeping you stuck.
Have you found yourself struggling in any of these areas?

Trusting God in the midst of hard life & business circumstances, long waiting periods & a million unknowns

Letting imposter syndrome hold you back from putting yourself out there & doing the things God is calling you to do

Discerning between God’s will or timing while surrendering to what He wants

Battling comparison and being influenced by what other people are doing or what they think

Anxiety around how it’s all going to work out & relinquishing control

Internal fear & pressure that you’re running out of time to get it all done

Your own petty fears, excuses & second-guessing causing you to miss out on things that would bring you joy

Outgrown friendships & networks that aren’t supporting you with your current life & business goals

Sure listening to sermons, reading Bible plans, going to therapy & doing the work on your own has gotten you pretty far. But imagine how much further you could go if you were surrounded & supported by a dedicated squad of peers on the same journey as you.
Having this community will help you...
  • Get more of your most important work done

  • Feel more consistent & accomplished 

  • Trust God and stay grounded when life starts life’ing.

  • Push through mental blocks keeping you stuck

  • Increase your network of potential clients, team members, opportunities, connections & friends

  • Build your business and every other big idea you have in a way that honors what God has placed in your heart to create

  • Remember that you’re not crazy or alone when you have to make decisions that may not seem logical but are directed by God
“And the Lord said, ‘Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his master will make ruler over his household, to give them their portion of food in due season? Blessed is that servant whom his master will find so doing when he comes. Truly, I say to you that he will make him ruler over all that he has.’” - Luke 12:42-44 (New King James Version)
Founder Experience & Success Stories
Whew! Article filed - now to finish up these notes and beat my face before 3:50 PM! Absolutely love how productive I am during these sprints!

Chasity Cooper, Wine Culture Expert
I had an epiphany while doing my Faithful Focus™ vision exercise that my vision is GIVEN. Like, it just hit me. I WILL impact the world for God's glory one mom at a time. It's given. I'm soooo glad I did this work before starting the Moms to Moguls coaching program, a trillion times over. I can't imagine not having done this work beforehand. Seeing my entire vision for not just my business but my family all on paper like this, I just keep looking at it like this feels SO good to see.

Precious Williams, Women's Wellness Expert this point I think it's time for you to go ahead and become a member lol!